CTOS Center for Radiological Nuclear Training
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How much does training cost?
CTOS provides training at no cost to eligible (non-federal) participants from state, local, and tribal agencies. All CTOS courses are fully funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Where is the training held?
CTOS has mobile training teams that can deliver courses at your agency’s training facility. CTOS also offers resident training that is conducted at the Nevada National Security Site in Mercury, Nevada.
How do I request mobile training at my jurisdiction?
Contact the CTOS Mobile Training Coordinator at ctosmttreg@nv.doe.gov or call (877) 963-2867; select option #5 and request mobile training information.
How can I get a copy of my training certificate?
Go to the CTOS Web Campus at www.nts-ctos.com. Sign in, select account info, click on the transcript link. There you will find the hyperlink to the classes you have completed. Select the class you are looking for and then select print certificate.
Do I need to bring any documents with me when attending a course?
You must bring a valid government issued photo identification.
What items should not be brought with me while attending a resident course?
Do not bring firearms or other dangerous weapons. Any device with the capability of audio/video or data recording is prohibited; items such as cameras, audio recording devices, etc. will not be allowed at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). For more information refer to the prohibited items list.
Can I bring cell phone and/or laptop?
Yes. Follow your department/agency electronic policy. Cell phones and laptop computers with picture/video recording capability are authorized at the NNSS. However, camera and audio recording functions must not be used at any time while at the NNSS.
What is the dress code while attending a resident course?
Seasonal clothing as appropriate; shirt with sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are required during course instruction at the NNSS.
How do I get there and who pays for the travel costs when attending a resident at the NNSS?
Travel arrangements will be coordinated and paid by CTOS. Certain conditions and restrictions apply (US Territories excluded).
I'm traveling from a US Territory, how will my travel be arranged?
After you register for a course, you will be contacted by registration personnel to coordinate how the travel will be made.
Can I drive my personal vehicle (POV) to Las Vegas?
Yes. Some participants may be eligible to drive to Las Vegas, certain conditions and restrictions apply. If POV travel is preferred over air travel, contact CTOS registration staff for information. CTOS will require you to leave your vehicle at the hotel in Las Vegas while you are at the NNSS. All transportation to and from the NNSS is provided by CTOS.